Temple Pooja

The original deities/Gods to be worshipped by all the Vaishya folks are the Almighty SHRI LAKSHMI NARSHIMHA DURGA PARMESHWARI CHANDRAMOULESHWAR.

In Shri Gurumath, there is Trikaal reverence(pooja) and adoration of all the deities/Gods. This adoration is done daily so that all the individuals in the society and their delusion(prapancha) is bestowed with good life,health,wealth,arthakaam and moksha and this chaturvirdha purushartha can be attained as well as for the fulfillment of all their desired works

The adorable Deities not only fulfills the wishes and prayers of the devotees but also provides peace and serenity to all.

The idols of the Almighty SHRI LAKSHMI NARSIMHA DURGA PARMESHWARI CHANDRAMOULESHWAR that are seen in the artistical shrine of this adorable temple, are indeed mesmerizing.

At the back of the temple/behind the temple,there are lingas of our five gurus which are popularly known as the Purvaguru Samadhi Mandir. This is the Gurusthan of all the Vaishya folks. Here the devotees worship with utmost faith and reverence and fulfil their wishes.

On the left side of the Shrine there is Temple of the Goddess of knowledge-SHRI SHARDAMBA MATA while on the right side there is a graceful temple of JAGADGURU SHRI AADI SHANKARACHARYA.    
Under the guidance of our Shrungeri Math,there takes place eternal adoration(nitya pooja) in the temple.

His Holiness Daily Routine at Sri Gurumath

Mahaswamiji wakes up during Brahma muhurta and will sit for Yoga and Pranayama practice. Later, His Holiness will perform his personal sadhana or anushtana that includes ancient spiritual practices which were followed by the spiritual mentors of Shankaracharya Guru paramparas. Later in the morning, His Holiness spend some time for Swadhya (self study) which is of reading ancient Scriptures.

By noon, Mahaswamiji leaves for darshan of the Aradhya Devata at Guru Math Temple. In the temple, his holiness perform his religious tributes to Panch Guru Samadhi which is followed by darshan of Shri Sharadamba (Goddess of knowledge & wisdom) and Adi Shankaracharya. Later, His Holiness take Maha Mangala Arati darshan of main deities Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, Sri Durga Parameshwari and Sri Chandra Moulishwara.

After the darshan of aradhya devatas & Guru samadhi, Swamiji provide darshan for devotees. Blessed theerta and prasad will be given to all the devotees. Devotees could perform different seva to Mahaswamiji during this time which include Phala Pushpa Samarpan, Paduka Pujan, Bhiksha Vandan, Vastra Samarpan. Kindly note that the dress code during darshan of Mahaswamiji needs to be strictly followed as below. For gents and boys, white dhoti and uparne and for ladies and girls, Indian attire. During this time, Mahaswamiji meet all devotees one by one and give Phala Mantrakshata to all. Swamiji provide personal guidence to devotees during this meeting. After the darshan, devotees will proceed for Maha Prasad in Annapurna bhojanshala. Mahaswamiji observes silence on every Ekadashi. On this day, all the daily chores are followed but with Swamiji observing silence.

In the early evening, Mahaswamiji will be engaging himself with different social welfare projects of the Math. Mahaswamiji will be overseeing the progress of different projects run under the Shantashram Charitable Trust and the Sri Guru Math. Sometimes Mahaswamiji attend Satsangs in Math in which Swamiji delivers a small speech for all those are present based on various teachings of Shri Aadi Shankaracharya, Bhagwan Shri Krishna and messages from Ramayana, Maha Bharatha,  and so on.

Swamiji will start his second round of anushtana & spiritual practice by 7pm. In the late evening at 8pm, Maha puja and aarti is performed in main temple by priest. At 8.30pm, Swamiji performs Shri Chandramaulishwar puja in puja mandir. After aarti, prasad is offered to all.           At night, Swamiji takes darshan of Kshetrapal, Chamundi devi, Nagdevatha and also Gomatha in gaushala. Divine relation between Swamiji, cows and calves can be witnessed here. Parama pujaniya Swamiji personally monitors all the work in Math and gives proper guidance for the same

Sevas offered in the lotus feet of math Devta


Name of Seva

Amount in Rs.
 1. Rudrabhishek Rs.251/-
 2. Lakshminarasimha Astotara Rs.101/-
 3. Alankara Rs.251/-
 4. Mangalarati Rs.10/-
 5. Kumkumarchan Rs.51/-
 6. Coconut Banana Rs.25/-
 7. Panchakajjay Rs.10/-
 8. Ganahoma 1coconut Rs.501/-
 9. Trimadhu Rs.25/-
10. Ganahom 5 coconut Rs.1001/-
11. Siyalabhishek Rs.25/-
12. Vishnusahasranam Rs.101/-
13. Satyanarayan pooja Rs.701/-
14. Saligram panchamrat abhishek Rs.101/-
15. Nandadeep Rs.101/-
16. Brahmana santarpan Rs.101/-
17. Shodashopachara pooja Rs.101/-
18. Ranga pooja Rs.1001/-
19. Saptashati parayan Rs.501/-
20. Nag pooja Rs.101/-
21. Vehicle pooja, Three-wheeler Rs.101/-
      Two-wheeler Rs.51/-
22. Kshetrapal pooja Rs.51/-
23. Chamundi pooja Rs.51/-
24. Durga Astotar pooja Rs.51/-
25. Guru Astotar pooja Rs.101/-
26. Srichakra pooja every Friday Rs.501/-
27. Shivastotar bilvarchan Rs.101/-
28. Special Pallakki utsava Rs.3001/-
29. Special Pushpa Ratotsav Rs.500/-
30. Udayastamana seva Rs.12001/-
31. Bindu Bindu Sindu seva Rs.365/- 

On Lotus Feet of Guru dev

                  1. Phal Samparna-51

                 2. Bhiksha Vandana -301

                 3. Vastra Samprpna-501

                 4. Anna Dan-1001