1. Udayastamana Seva : Rs.12001/-  

2. Bhramharath :

A golden seva Opportunity for all the Devotees

Namaskar Samaj Bandhavas ;

The Haladipur gurumath marks the holy worship place for the entire Vaishya Community. It’s glorious history of over 7 centuries finds its place in our Holy scriptures and documents.

It can be termed as the Golden period of Vaishya Community under the Spiritual Guidance of our earlier 7 Gurus.

Unfortunate circumstances led to the decline & gave us the dark period of 125 years where the traditional Guru Shishya parampara was discontinued. But The temple was taken care of and daily puja & Naivedya was offered to the deities which kept the hope alive.

The Greatness of the holy Shringeri Peeth, the Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Bhartiteertha Mahaswamiji with his blessings,and by the Guidance and the continued efforts of our elderly samaj bandhavas we saw the beginning of the Glorious New period and the much awaited Continuation of Guru Parampara. In March 2004 we were given a boon in the form of Vaishya guru Sri Sri Vamanashram Mahaswamiji and that marks a beginning of the Golden period for our Community.

Sri Sri Vamanashram Mahaswamiji with the teachings, Blessings & Guidance of the Jagadguru is the Math adhipati of Haladipur Math for the past 12 years. All the Pujas , Spiritual, holistic , Social reforms are carried out under his Guidance and supervision in the most Complete, Precise ways as per the Scriptures. this is very splendid and a matter of utmost pride for the Vaishya Community .

The Jagadguru Shankaracharya is the human incarnation of ‘the great god” lord Shiva. In order to spread his teachings, Knowledge, Spirituality and Dharma he formed the various Matths in India around 1200 years back. Matths are the places of Supreme Wisdom , Knowledge and act as the Flag bearers of the Hindu Dharma. A bramharatha is the Pride of Matth and is the Bejewelled Crown for such Matths and is held in the highest of positions.

A bramharath is actually a Huge , Mega sized Chariot or Ratha. It is observed that any matth with a Bramharath is held in its highest Glory, a bramharath is a representation of all the Gods. A bramharath adds to the Grandeur , Charisma and the Spirituality of the Math.

A bramha rath of enormous Proportions, Art and Spirituality is being Erected at our holy matth and we seek your Seva in order to be a part of this Auspicious task.

The bramharath will have the peeth for the Mandir deities and a picture galore of the feats of Mahabharata..

It took billions of hands to create the Ram setu , it was indeed a feat of great valour which led to the spread of dharma. Devotees made the Setu for Prabhu Sri Ram and now with the same dedication and enthusiasm let us join hands and let us realise this Bramharatha for our Beloved HH Swamiji and Haladipur Math, let us unite, participate and be blessed as it is a great opportunity to be a part of such a great endeavour.

3. Bindu Bindu Sindhu Seva :

Bindu Bindu Sindhu Seva is launched by HH Sri Sri Vamanashram Mahaswamiji  on

In which each family in the samaj will keep RS 1 per day for our Kul GuruMath and the same need to send to Gurumath once in Year.

Each One rupee is considered as a drop of water Bindu like  the same way many drop of water create Sindhu (ocean) , One Ruppes from you per day can create a significant impact for the math development.

4. Goshala :

5. School :

Donner List: 

  1. Bhramha Rath
  2. Pushkarni
  3. Shankargiri Gurukul
  4. Udayastman
  5. Nakshtravan
  6. Annadan
  7. Gurukul
  8. Main Utasav Seva

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