According to Sanathan Hindu tradition – similar to Brahmans, Kshatriyas, we as Vaishyas also have the rights to obtain Ved-Shastra Schooling.  Our Samaj has borne many great scholars in the past.  This longstanding tradition will be restored once again by Our Param Pujya Mahaswamiji at the Gurukul, that is instituted at Haldipur Guru Math.

Pupil interested to enroll at Gurukul to acquire this noble education “Ved-Shastra” are advised for a Thread Ceremony (Upanayana or Upadesha on Gayathri Mantra).  Students will be bestowed with the complete dedication of Ved-Shastra by expert scholars and will be imparted with the guidance on fostering an ideal Samaj.  The syllabus will consist the knowledge of Ved, Vyakaran, Tarka, Jyothi-Shastra, Puran-Yoga; and will also include modern education like Hindi, English, Computer to mention a few. 

Akhand Bharatiya Vaishya Samaj Gurukul has been initiated for students of Vaishya Samaj from all around the country in a pleasant naturesque environment filled with tranquility, harmony, sacredness.

Preceptors at Gurukul Haldipur, Shankargiri are educating twenty students at present.  We look forward for more children, youngsters from our community to show their zeal and step ahead to avail this noble education.  Those interested feel free to contact Guru Math for more information.  

We sincerely request and welcome all the Samaj Bandhavas to whole-heartedly contribute to the Guru Math to further improve and enhance this academic institution.

gurukul opening1