Sharavn Somavar Sri Chandramoulishwar Puja Live

Sri Samsthan Shantashram  Trust Haldipur is Social activity initiated & undertaken by Sri Haladipur math. Making an important contribution toward strengthening the identity, visibility, and support to training and research program, Education, medical, rural welfare, uplift of poor and Service to Haladipur premises.

Nonprofit activity promotion to Haladipur villagers and all over with Bharat Seva Sanghatna Haladipur under guidance of Parampujya Sri Sri Vamanashrama Mahaswamiji.

Sri Samsthan Shantashram Trust providing platform to do service for needful human being in Indan. Our Project is in pipeline like Medical Health Checkup Camp, Education, Vocational training of Different Sectors and so on.
Projects Run By Samthan Santashram Trust Haladipur.


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Samuhik Upanayan Sohla

Kanyakamba Yuvati Shibir In Kerala

Atma Dhyan Shibir Conducted By Parampujya Sri Sri Vamansahram Mahaswamiji

Sri Samsthan Shantashram Trust Haldipur



Goshalas are protective shelters for cows, in India cows are considered holy and are known as Go-maata, hence it is our duty to take care of them.

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Balasanskar Kendra 

Children are the purest form of the creation of God. They are innocent and have a hunger for Knowledge, these children are our future and what they observe, learn and understand Today, is how they are going to Live Tomorrow.

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“Satsang” – where Sat – means ‘the Truth’ or holder of True wisdom, while Sanga means ‘company’ Satsang predominantly means ‘Being in the company of the Highest Truth’, Satsang is a means to spread.

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Hindi Anugraha Bhashanam by Sringeri Jagadguru from Haldipur Math

Sri Chandramoulishwar Arati Nitya Puja

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